Saturday, 14 August 2010

I cant stand the rain

Another week, another business trip.

We had a turn in the weather this week with torrential rain on Tuesday, pretty much all day. Now, try as we might to tell the girls that they aren't waterproof, there's one of them who is either too stubborn or too stupid (you decide) to realise this and will stand out in the rain getting herself well and truly waterlogged. There are no prizes for guessing which one of the girls I'm talking about - I think we all know by now!

This then creates worry and concern for us because she's so waterlogged she cant get up the ramp to go into the bed area. We had been out for the evening and when the gorgeous one came and told me that Omelette wouldn't go in the house and I made him go back out in the dark and pick her up and forcibly put her in the house. Well she had to dry out somehow!

I left very early on Wednesday morning (another flight at stupid o'clock) but the gorgeous one was reporting to me regularly on how she was doing, which wasn't so good. She slid down the ramp in the morning when he opened the door but had a drink and pecked around at something to eat too, which he took as a good sign. When he let them out in the evening she was walking funny like her legs didn't want to work for her, but she does seem much better now - thank goodness.

The girls are out now pecking around in the garden, it's so much harder when the weather is bad to give them a good run out but the gorgeous one got up early this morning to let them out as he felt so guilty about them not being able to be out because of the rain (not exactly his fault is it?). They're going to have a good clean out today and he's going to treat them to some mealworms as they haven't had any of them for a while either. Spoiled chickens!

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