Friday, 25 February 2011

I hear you knocking...

Another delay in writing due to my busy travel schedule for which I do apologise chicken fans...

The girls have been a bit naughty recently and have been eating an egg a day, we weren't sure which chicken was the bad one until the gorgeous one caught Mabel and Omelette in the act this morning! It has meant that we have only had one egg for the last few days but today we have had two whole ones and one partially eaten one. so at least they have all laid today and I can stop threatening them with the pot for one day at least.

I do wish they'd stop knocking at the cat flap as well, it does worry my already super-stressy cat and no matter how many times they knock, I'm not going to let them in!

Omelette has, once more, re-ignited her love for the barbecue and specifically the shelf underneath the cover, she surprised Mabel the other day by appearing from under the cover (I don't think Mabel realised she was there). Perhaps it was all on purpose and the chicken version of SURPRISE!, or maybe it was hide and seek? Who knows how these chickens amuse themselves (actually I do, they amuse themselves by destroying my nice garden)?!?

Speaking of which, Yoko has been digging a nice big hole in the gravel and discovering that it is REALLY dirty underneath the gravel and so she is now filthy. They all have dirty feet but she has dirty feet, a dirty beak. a dirty belly and dirty wings(see picture above). I'd bath her but as you know readers, chickens aren't waterproof are they? Don't ask the girls that cos they think they are...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Living in a Box

Yesterday we had some new furniture delivered, it came in massive great big cardboard boxes with polystyrene inserts to protect my lovely new table and chairs. Once the furniture was out of the boxes, the gorgeous one put the boxes in the garden until the weekend when we could get rid of them. Well, guess which 3 stupid chickens think that cardboard boxes and polystyrene would be a great addition to their crumb diet?

we have had to put the boxes on top of the garden swing chair and some on top of the table to get it off the floor because despite telling them that it wasn't good for them, they didn't listen (do they ever?) and decided to peck through the cardboard anyway. Now we have moved them out of harms (or chickens) way, the girls look completely lost, like a kid that's had its new toy taken away from it! I did try to tell them that it's for their own good but they're just looking at me as if I'm a complete killjoy.

On another note, two eggs today, both a little bit odd looking. One with a very pointy end and one with a very, very creased shell. The one with the pointy end, I picked up this morning from the perching (!) area, it was just by the door out to the run and was there as if it just plopped out when one of them was on their way out!

Due to the rain yesterday, the ground has been quite damp so on venturing out this morning, Omelette found a great big worm which she ran off with to scoff by herself which she had done by the time the other two realised that she had something interesting. Greedy guts.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Red Alert

The house is on full on red alert today. Yesterday, the gorgeous one worked from home and saw an enormous fox sunning himself in next door's garden. He was just laying there grooming himself with our girls running around in the garden not more than 10 feet from him. He did run away when the gorgeous one knocked on the window and gave him a Paddington Bear hard stare... well who wouldn't?

Today I have had two lovely eggs from Yoko and Mabel, I know it was them as I was trying to clean out the house and both of them made me leave them alone for some "private" time and when I went back, lovely warm eggs from them. Normal shape, normal size, nice colour, lovely shells. Definitely Omelette that lays the stupid ones.

Omelette and I had a cuddle earlier - I know! She normally runs a mile before you can get anywhere near her but I snuck up behind her and picked her up for a lovely stroke and cuddle. I do think I enjoyed it much more than she did!

I have also been out and taken some video of the girls in the garden, we played a little game of chase, which Yoko didn't quite have the hang of and we looked for eggs. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the video off so there is a bit at the end where I am walking back to the house and talking to them, this is how I talk to them when I think no-one is listening. Sorry if the end makes you feel a bit sea sick I didn't know how to edit this bit out....

Happy chicken watching x

Friday, 4 February 2011

Tiny Alien

Just a quick one today chicken fans, wanted to make sure I posted the egg pictures as promised, the egg on the right is the normal size...