Thursday, 14 October 2010

Don't get bent out of shape

We've been managing to save Omelette's eggs for a couple of days now so we're a 3 egg a day family - woo hoo!

BUT (yes, there is always a but)they are weird. I took some pictures this morning to show you just how weird they are. Yesterday's egg looked like a torpedo and today's egg is kind of triangular - I have attached the pictures for you to see for yourself if you don't believe me, I put them next to a lovely Mabel egg for your reference too.

The girls have enjoyed a day in the garden today, although the sun hasn't been out and they've been knocking at the cat flap, I'm not letting them in. They have a habit now of rushing you when you open the door to try to get in the house (our house not theirs), I asked them whether they'd been in whilst I was away and although they weren't giving anything up, the gorgeous one confessed that he had walked away from the door and come back to find the 3 of them in the kitchen. I guess they think that's an extension of their territory too now.

They are going to bed earlier as well now, as the nights are starting to draw in, so much so that the girls have to be lifted up slightly to get the eggs from underneath them when we get in from work as they've already tucked down for the night! The gorgeous one had a birthday yesterday and his colleagues bought him a "head lamp" so that he doesn't have to stick the torch in his mouth to go and put them away or sort them out in the morning now. I think he was more excited about that than the gift I got him - I should have saved my money!

Oh, one more thing, we've been linked (again) from a great site about other rescue hens, check out Valerie Chicken at

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Da doo run run run, da doo run run

Ha! I got there in time yesterday to get all 3 eggs! Yay! They were all in the nesting boxes too, the ones we've been losing have been in the perching area, so perhaps whoever was laying has decided they might be better off in the nesting box after all. That is what they are for after all, not sleeping in!

The gorgeous one was going to build the extension on their run today as it was finally delivered after a 4 month delay due to flooding in the far away country that they are made. He took it out of the box, put all the pieces together and told me that it wouldn't work. I didn't know what he meant. This is what has happened.
The house and run of the coop we have are the same height. The new run is way shorter and doesn't match the old run. There would be a big gap between the old run and the new run for a) chickens to eggscape from or b) Mr Fox to have easy access and a good feast on our poor girls! So you can see, it won't work, the gorgeous one was right ( don't tell him I told you that).
Having looked on the web site, it's plain to see that they have changed the design of the house so the new run is much smaller, hence the reason the two don't fit!
Hopefully someone will call me back tomorrow ( like they promised to) and we can either get an old run section or a new but to replace the old section we have on the house now. So no new run for you just yet girls . Sorry about that.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Need a break from the old routine

Wow! On Tuesday we had three eggs! We've worked out what's been happening to the third one every day now, so we have to be quick if we want to save it!

A little background first.

Now the mornings are darker, the girls don't want to get up until it's light so the gorgeous one's routine is all out of kilter and anyone who knows the gorgeous one will know how stressful that is for him!

Well, on Tuesday he had to evict the girls out of their house (much to their dismay) and he found a lovely egg in the perching area! Recently we've just been finding squashed egg shells in this bit so we know that one of them (mentioning no names, but I think you'll know which one I mean) has been pecking open the egg and eating the inside! Unfortunately yesterday and today we have been unlucky and the chicken has gotten there first and now we've changed our morning routine to cope with the darkness, I'm not sure we'll be able to get there before she does any more!

Maybe that's why she looks a bit under the weather sometimes, maybe an egg a day isn't good for her? God, there's so much to learn about chickens!

Monday, 4 October 2010

All the small things

Did they miss me? I don't think so. I was two weeks away and they just care about what I have for them.

I cleaned out their run today (cos I'm a wonderful girlfriend) and what did they do? Almost as soon as I'd left them they went straight back in the run - they'd better not have pooed in there! Especially when they have the whole garden!

I heard a racket out in the garden earlier, can you guess who it was, knocking over the watering cans and pushing stuff around? Yep, Omelette.

They've been coping pretty well with the rain today and they have been sheltering under the tree for the most part when it rained, perhaps they are learning? Nah! Brains the size of peas them girls!