Wednesday, 15 September 2010

You've got a friend

The gorgeous one is cleaning out the girls as we speak and he just had a little bit of a row with one of them as he needed to get them away from the house to hose it out and one of them wanted to be in the run. I could see him trying to reason with her to get her to leave the run! It won't work, you know, they won't be reasoned with. When you want them in the run, they want to stay out and when you want them out, they want to go in!

They're following him round the garden as well, although they still don't want him to stroke them (Omelette especially). Must be because he gave them a treat this morning, even if it was unintentional, I'll explain. There was a moth in the kitchen this morning so, friend to all animals, the gorgeous one, picked it up and chucked it out the back door. It flew for a bit, landed and was promptly eaten by one of the chickens. Not very friendly that, he's now insisting that the girls are murderers. It's true actually, they chase butterflies and flies round the garden trying to eat them!

Omelette and Yoko have more new feather growth which is good as Omelette still looks like we brought her back from the battery farm yesterday and it's such a contrast to Mabel who is just beautiful. Yoko has lots of the new feather growth too which is good and hopefully they will both catch up to Mabel. Omelette is still worrying us slightly as her eggs are not really forming their shells as they should. The gorgeous one is going to look into what else we can do, specifically to help her. they already have a mineral added to their food to help strengthen their shells and it seems to be working with Mabel and Yoko (who produce just lovely eggs). I think we need something we can give to Omelette directly that's a bit more concentrated. I feel another internet search coming on! She's laid another one like that again today.

At the weekend the girls got a new friend, this new friend was very happy to follow in their footsteps and gather all the leftovers and small bits of loveliness that they dug up and missed. Their new friend even came over to their house and hopped around a bit, it looked very funny actually as their new friend was a Robin! It was a little odd actually as the girls are normally a bit funny about birds in their space and when we had cherries on the floor they wouldn't let anything else near them!

Anyway, they have a nice treat and are out all day today and they will be again on Friday. They do believe it's their god given right now, they have forgotten completely that they only used to have a tiny bit of room which they used to share with four other chickens. Everyone should adopt a chicken or at least stop buying battery eggs.

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