Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rockin' Robin

Aah, today, the chickens mate, the robin, brought his mate round to see them. We now have a pair of robins who are totally into the girls, perhaps for the lovely sharing of food more than for the stimulating company though. It seems like they are quite friendly and one even sat on the shed door whilst the gorgeous one was cleaning out the girls house. They don't seem too afraid which is nice and have stayed quite close to the food source!

The girls are getting a good clean out today (as usual for the weekend) and we went and got them a special treat of their particular favourites - mealworms. I was feeding them to them and trying to make sure that they all got an equal share of them but Mabel and Omelette seemed to think that my fingers were also mealworms. All I can say to that is OUCH!!! Yoko walked off with hers and was clucking rather loudly, almost like she was talking to it before she ate it.

We've been going through a 3 egg phase recently, not everyday we get three, but on a few occasions recently we've had one egg per chicken, which is nice. Although the gorgeous one has discovered that one of the girls is laying their egg in the perching area of the nesting box and then burying them underneath the straw. Luckily today the egg was found but the other day the gorgeous one put his trowel (that he uses to pick up the poo) straight through it as it buried so well. Today is a 3 egg day. The eggs were very cold as the temperature seems to have dropped somewhat in the last couple of days so we have made them some warm porridge from their crumb, some of the mineral to help them produce strong shells and a few porridge oats on the top. Pour in hot water and there you have it a lovely warm treat for them. I think it absolutely stinks and looks like mud, but the girls seem to enjoy it, so no accounting for taste is there?

We did have another weird egg the other day, which I did take pictures of and will post them to the blog shortly. We think that somehow a Quail got in and laid an egg in their nest....

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  1. I love your girls! Reminds me of my growing years...