Friday, 11 February 2011

Living in a Box

Yesterday we had some new furniture delivered, it came in massive great big cardboard boxes with polystyrene inserts to protect my lovely new table and chairs. Once the furniture was out of the boxes, the gorgeous one put the boxes in the garden until the weekend when we could get rid of them. Well, guess which 3 stupid chickens think that cardboard boxes and polystyrene would be a great addition to their crumb diet?

we have had to put the boxes on top of the garden swing chair and some on top of the table to get it off the floor because despite telling them that it wasn't good for them, they didn't listen (do they ever?) and decided to peck through the cardboard anyway. Now we have moved them out of harms (or chickens) way, the girls look completely lost, like a kid that's had its new toy taken away from it! I did try to tell them that it's for their own good but they're just looking at me as if I'm a complete killjoy.

On another note, two eggs today, both a little bit odd looking. One with a very pointy end and one with a very, very creased shell. The one with the pointy end, I picked up this morning from the perching (!) area, it was just by the door out to the run and was there as if it just plopped out when one of them was on their way out!

Due to the rain yesterday, the ground has been quite damp so on venturing out this morning, Omelette found a great big worm which she ran off with to scoff by herself which she had done by the time the other two realised that she had something interesting. Greedy guts.

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  1. Oh the tiny bits of cardboard wouldn't hurt them - roughage you know. But the polystyrene is, of course, another story. Poor babies...Mom is a real party pooper!