Monday, 5 September 2011

Things ain't what they used to be

So the egg drought is well and truly here, no more eggs since the celebration one and there's not an egg in the house. Part of me thinks I'll give up eating eggs if I can't have them laid by our girls...

Omelette is a bit of a worry (when has she not been?) she's pretty lethargic and although eating and drinking, mostly just standing there, the way she stands reminds me of a staunch Winston Churchill so you have to imagine this big fat Churchill chicken with her head pulled in just standing there watching, it's a bit unnerving sometimes too. Her tail is droopy too, having looked online at various reasons for this (rat bite fever, broodiness, eggs stuck in the vent), I don't think any of these apply to her, she is such a worry. The gorgeous one and I think she's never quite got over being a battery hen, perhaps she was a bit too mentally scarred.

I was also worried about Mabel earlier too, she had "taken to her bed" and Yoko and Omelette were in the run despite the run being open. It is pretty windy today and the trees are making a bit of noise so maybe they don't like that too much, although having said that, they are all out now having some food and scratching around. Hopefully the sunshine will stay for the rest of the day so they can get a good stretch of their legs (and wings).

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