Monday, 20 December 2010

I Swear

The snow has come down with a vengeance and is full leg deep if you're a chicken, I guess it's the equivalent of being thigh high for us humans. The girls have been walking round the garden in it but have been holding up their legs (which are covered in snow) and shivering, Ma, get knitting those leg warmers! Needless to say, they don't like it much and have pretty much been staying in and around their house (except for Omelette who has been trudging round the garden looking thoroughly hacked off!).

On Saturday the gorgeous one went up to their house to clean them out/fetch eggs/etc and as he walked up to their house he called out to them "hello girls" now he is convinced that in return one of the girls swore at him! Maybe he's losing it a bit...

Yoko is still worrying me a bit, she doesn't seem to be getting herself in the house at bedtime and ends up under the house instead, we keep having to put her in the house before closing it up for the night which isn't good if we're out and don't get back until they should have been in bed for ages. She does look rather sorry for herself at the minute too. The gorgeous one gave her a cuddle over the weekend because she was cold and I did this morning too, although I was pretty cold myself! Brrr! One good thing is that her limp seems to have gone so perhaps she just twisted it or something.

Their friend the robin has been back to see them over the weekend and has been hanging out with them in their house and helping them eat their crumb, I wonder if that's good for Robins too? I think the Robin knows that if the big birds (the chickens) are not worried, then it's safe to eat and sit around. I think it is incredibly sweet that they have another little friend and I wonder whether it's the same one that was here before?

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