Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Slippery When Wet

The girls are happier now it's getting warmer, Omelette seems much more herself and the girls are out in the garden now they don't have to wade through 6 inches of snow. They have been enjoying the fact that we're off work as they get to run around in the garden all day.

They are getting so used to their morning porridge that this morning they were waiting outside the patio doors for the gorgeous one to put it out for them, but then they couldn't eat it as it was too hot for them! They circled it a few times before tentatively pecking at it. Now, it's much cooler and Mabel and Omelette are devouring it whilst their mate Robin scoffs their crumb from the decking.

The rain came and washed away lots of the ice, which the chickens are also liking as it's slippery stuff and the other day I did see one of them slip on the ice whilst chasing me up the garden which is a pretty amusing sight I can tell you!

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