Monday, 18 April 2011

A Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day yesterday, just right for working hard in the garden and with child labour on offer, who could refuse?!?

The plan was to give the girls their own piece of garden and to get some veggies planted up before it was too late for sowing them. So that's what we did.

The girl child and I planted our veggies in the boxes that the girls had been very happily digging around in until I fenced them off with chicken wire and there was beginning to be more soil out of the pots than in them. We planted beetroot, carrots, parsnips and spring onions and then told the girls that they wouldn't be allowed out to eat them or to jump around in the pots anymore - is that cruel?

The gorgeous one and the boy child worked hard on putting together a fence to keep the girls at the back of the garden, using careful planning, some wood, some chicken wire and a new wood cutter (and very excited the gorgeous one was about that too). They measured it out and made rectangular panels and fixed them to the fence and the tree and they even made a gate! I'm so proud!

Once complete, the girls were let out again to investigate and immediately started looking for weak spots in the perimeter, Mabel went back to see if she could get under the wire again but no, that was totally secure, they went behind the tree to see if perhaps there was a gap in the fence there but no, not there either. After a couple of hundred laps of the fence, they decided that there wasn't any way they were going to be able to get out so they just scratched around a bit, one of their favourite things to do.

Omelette, for some reason known only to her, was doing her seal impression for most of the late afternoon yesterday. This is where she walks around barking like a seal, yes chicken fans, our chicken thinks she's a seal (or a dog, as it sounds like a dog sometimes too). The gorgeous one went into their area and Omelette was barking at him and he asked her if she was having a go at him and I swear that chicken said yes, or made a noise that sounded like a yes. Perhaps they aren't as stupid as we first thought, or maybe I just have spent too much time with them...

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