Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The first picture of you

The girls have very much enjoyed the sunshine today and I thought it would be nice, for you all, to have a new picture of the girls so...

Looking out of the boy child's bedroom window this morning into our neighbours garden (not that we're spies or anything)and we spy a pair of ginger ears poking up out of the long grass. It was a beautiful Charlie Fox and he was enjoying a lovely meal of something - couldn't quite see what it was (and not too sure I wanted to either) but he was having a lovely chomp on whatever it was.

It's quite funny to look out onto next doors garden and see a fox enjoying the sunshine and then look at the back of our garden and see the girls running around in their area. They both seem completely oblivious to each other(which is probably a good thing)but the gorgeous one does get very protective when Charlie is around.

He's gone now (Charlie not the gorgeous one), not sure where but I'm sure he'll be back,but I'm sure he will, the garden next door is a wild animals paradise (aka totally overgrown)and we have seen all sorts of animals including foxes and deer, it's quite nice really.

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