Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I was wrong about the strawberries, the girls do like them, well Omelette and Yoko love them and Mabel can take or leave them. I had left them in their run the other day as I thought they weren't liking them, but when I went back, they were gone! Gone, gone. As in, nothing left. So I gave them the rest of the ones that I had left for the other birdies and they scoffed them too. The gorgeous one said that they liked it best if you mushed them up a bit but Omelette kept going for my fingers instead of the strawberries so that came to a quick stop!

The egg situation has nearly stopped now, we have gone from 3 eggs a day to one every few days. The gorgeous one thinks that it's just their age and that they're probably just past their prime. Obviously the battery farms keep them for the time when they produce the most eggs and then get rid of them when they start to get a bit older, so their best laying days are well behind them. Oh well, lucky they weren't just here for eggs isn't it? I just hope this doesn't mean that we have a limited amount of time left with them, I'm still not sure how long chickens are supposed to live, some web sites say 8 or 9 years and some say 2 to 3 years. I'm not looking forward to finding out I can tell you...

Today they are enjoying the sunshine again in their part of the garden, with their mate, Robin and earlier they had a new friend who was sitting on their fence, it was a Magpie. It seemed to be sitting on the fence talking to the girls, but I'm not sure they speak Magpie...

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