Friday, 21 October 2011

Since you've been gone

We must have the nicest vet ever.

I have been away this week (again) in Barcelona and I arrived home last night to find a card from the vet with condolences on the loss of Omelette and saying that we did the right thing and is we needed anything we could contact him. How sweet is that?!? I was a little embarrassed at how upset I was actually, so this has made me not feel quite so bad about that.

The two remaining girls are doing well. The gorgeous one said this morning that he thinks that Yoko is getting bigger and Mabel has been having some feather regrowth, the garden has been covered in feathers lately! They don't seem to have been affected too much by not having Omelette around anymore if anything I think they are quite enjoying not having to share a nesting box anymore and have very quickly settled into having one each. Maybe that will change when the weather really turns and they may find it nicer to snuggle up together again.

The gorgeous one gave them a good clean out this morning as we are off on holiday tomorrow and have some friends coming to look after the house/cat/chickens so they are either house-sitters, cat-sitters, or chicken-sitters (say that very carefully), you decide...

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