Sunday, 13 November 2011

Missing you

Hey there chicken fans

Once again I am the roving reporter, coming to you live from Washngton DC (unless of course you're reading this when I've already left)!

A quick update on our girls and how they are doing since Oms has gone and, well, they're doing just great actually. I hate to be disrespectful to our dearly departed Oms, but they seem to be flourishing, Yoko especially. She has grown proper feathers on her wings for the first time, which makes me think that perhaps the other two were ganging up on her (mean girls).

Mabel and Yoko were out in the garden on Friday as I worked from home and seemed to enjoy the time out, they were doing a little synchronized dance at one point which did make me laugh, it was 3 steps to the right, 3 steps to the left, repeat. Then they started to play follow the leader but Yoko went between the fence and the tree so Mabel ran round it to be out at the same point. I will try and get some updated pictures on here when I get back so you can see just how well they are doing.

The loss of Oms has made me and the gorgeous one more paranoid about the health of the other two, as soon as one of them looks like they might be drooping their tail or standing funny, we're asking each other if they look alright, of course they are alright, they are just fine.

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