Sunday, 10 October 2010

Da doo run run run, da doo run run

Ha! I got there in time yesterday to get all 3 eggs! Yay! They were all in the nesting boxes too, the ones we've been losing have been in the perching area, so perhaps whoever was laying has decided they might be better off in the nesting box after all. That is what they are for after all, not sleeping in!

The gorgeous one was going to build the extension on their run today as it was finally delivered after a 4 month delay due to flooding in the far away country that they are made. He took it out of the box, put all the pieces together and told me that it wouldn't work. I didn't know what he meant. This is what has happened.
The house and run of the coop we have are the same height. The new run is way shorter and doesn't match the old run. There would be a big gap between the old run and the new run for a) chickens to eggscape from or b) Mr Fox to have easy access and a good feast on our poor girls! So you can see, it won't work, the gorgeous one was right ( don't tell him I told you that).
Having looked on the web site, it's plain to see that they have changed the design of the house so the new run is much smaller, hence the reason the two don't fit!
Hopefully someone will call me back tomorrow ( like they promised to) and we can either get an old run section or a new but to replace the old section we have on the house now. So no new run for you just yet girls . Sorry about that.

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