Thursday, 7 October 2010

Need a break from the old routine

Wow! On Tuesday we had three eggs! We've worked out what's been happening to the third one every day now, so we have to be quick if we want to save it!

A little background first.

Now the mornings are darker, the girls don't want to get up until it's light so the gorgeous one's routine is all out of kilter and anyone who knows the gorgeous one will know how stressful that is for him!

Well, on Tuesday he had to evict the girls out of their house (much to their dismay) and he found a lovely egg in the perching area! Recently we've just been finding squashed egg shells in this bit so we know that one of them (mentioning no names, but I think you'll know which one I mean) has been pecking open the egg and eating the inside! Unfortunately yesterday and today we have been unlucky and the chicken has gotten there first and now we've changed our morning routine to cope with the darkness, I'm not sure we'll be able to get there before she does any more!

Maybe that's why she looks a bit under the weather sometimes, maybe an egg a day isn't good for her? God, there's so much to learn about chickens!

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