Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Chase is better than the Catch

We have a new game at Casa del Chicken, it's called Chicken Chase. Now before you go grabbing the phone and dialling the RSPCA for cruelty to chickens - it's not what you think....!

On Monday, the chickens were out all day and I thought I'd give them some bread as a treat (yeah, I know, super generous aren't I?). As soon as I walked out to them, they all came over to see what I had for them (so presumptuous). Yoko wanted whatever I had in my hand, despite there being tons of crumbs on the floor, she would just take what I had in my hand and drop it on the floor ready to take the next bit and peck any of the other two who tried to take bread from me! Mabel wanted to peck my toes instead of eat the bread (bless, I think she may be the "special" one) and Omelette just hoovered up whatever Yoko was dropping on the floor!

Anyway, I started to feel a bit crowded by the three of them so I went to walk off towards the back of the garden and they all followed me, so I walked a bit faster - and so did they! When the gorgeous one came in from work, I told him to go into the garden, say hello to the girls and then run up the garden, which he did and the chickens chased him, so he ran around the garden for a bit with 3 chickens running after him. I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more, the chickens chasing him, or him being chased by his "girls"! It's actually very comical to see Omelette running up the garden with her wings out. Remember the scene from ET where ET runs and he kind of does that side to side waddle type running thing? Well, that's what Omelette looked like, I'll try and capture it in a photograph at some point to show you.

In other news, the girls seem to be slowing up on their egg production at the minute. The gorgeous one says he's looked it up and it can be caused by a change in their diet - well on Saturday they ate corn, bread, my homegrown lettuce, grass and anything that had fallen from peoples plates! Back to only crumb for the girls now I'm afraid, I've only had two eggs - the gorgeous one keeps giving them away!

And finally....
Is there a market for chicken poo? We seem to have an awful lot of it....

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