Monday, 21 June 2010


Another day for the girls to be free ranging, another day to have a garden covered in poo. We're going to build a little fence to block in the decking so that we don't have to hose the decking down every time the girls come out and also so I can have the door open in the summer without having to guard it from them coming in the house. I wonder how long it will take the gorgeous one to get round to that!?!

Omelette was again proving that she is the source of all amusement of the three of them - picture the scene....

A quiet suburban garden, three happy chickens wandering around pecking at the ground, occasionally clucking to each other, a little blackbird flies into the garden with a cherry from the tree and starts to eat it. Omelette spies this bird, notices that it is eating something and runs full pelt, ET waddle and all, she chases the bird round the garden until it flies away.

All the girls like to run though, it's as if one of them remembers they have the space to do it, they go ahead and run down the garden and then they all want to do it.

I had a moment of panic earlier, I could only see two chickens - where on earth was the other one? A quick search revealed Mabel hiding behind the shed, where there seems to be a few empty snail shells - perhaps Mabel is a French Hen!?!

This afternoon we had a bid for freedom - or so it seemed... I heard some strange noises from outside and looked out of the window to see Yoko had made herself a little nest in the gravel near the decking, aah, I thought, how cute. The she started to scratch around a bit, still quite cute, then she started to dig. Away came the gravel, down to dirt (and dirt is hard to find in my garden I can tell you), the unwanted gravel was hoiked onto the decking to join the piles of poo, followed by a whole load of dirt. The other two were stood nearby acting as look-outs (or so it seemed), until Yoko stopped - yay! - only to let Omelette have a go - boo!

Should I be saying goodbye to my nice garden?

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