Thursday, 10 June 2010

Girls, girls, girls!

Today, I am blogging from Germany, so the news I'm getting is second hand, think about a news company that has a reporter on site, well that's me and the girls today.

On Tuesday night, the girls looked like they had put themselves to bed (which is incredibly cute) so I went to shut them in for the night and Omelette decided that she didn't want to go to bed so when I went to shut the door, she dashed out into the run, clucking at me, so I left her to it, 5 minutes later she'd gone up to bed! Typical! Mabel and Yoko were sharing a nesting box that night - aah!

I got up extra early yesterday to catch a flight so I went down and let them out into their run, I checked for eggs and unfortunately there were none, lots and lots of poo but no eggs. I must explain that the girls don't seem to realise that they are not actually supposed to sleep in their nesting boxes, only lay eggs in them. They don't want to sleep standing up - and who can blame them?

The gorgeous one has run out of wood shavings which are used to put in the bottom of their perch area and he has been putting in the run as well. He had a grand idea that he would put straw in the perch area and that would make for another nesting type area for them. When he arrived home last night the girls had decided that it was a rubbish idea and had taken all of the straw in the perch area and pushed it into the run! You can't tell these girls what to do!

They seem to have slowed down to one egg a day now, not that we could have managed to eat 3 eggs a day anyway!

I haven't even had one of our eggs yet - roll on Saturday and poached eggs on toast!

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