Saturday, 26 June 2010

We care a lot

More Eggs! Two on Thursday and two Friday. Only one so far today but I don't think anyone has checked for a good long while. Perhaps it's because I went away for a couple of nights or perhaps it's because they have settled in a bit more now and are getting used to be out and about in the garden more often. It's not like I can ask them is it? Well, I could but I'm not sure I'd get an answer and people already think I'm strange so if they think I talk to the chickens my sanity rating might be shot all together (okay, don't tell ANYONE, but I do talk to them a bit).

The gorgeous one and the boy child went off this morning and bought some mealworms for the girls and they LOVE them. Apparently, when they first tasted them they went into a bit of a frenzy, think cats and catnip! Luckily, there were still some for me to give them later on today and I can tell you that they are very, very keen on them. The girl child fed them some mealworms too but was a little nervous and they ended up having to jump as she wasn't holding them low enough for them but she got the hang of it in the end. The girls do get a bit over excited and tend to not care so much which are fingers and which are worms!

The girls are all sprouting lovely new plumage although Omelette is still very bald on her neck, but she has these lovely fluffy light brown feathers on her legs, it's lovely and heartwarming to see them look so much healthier than four weeks ago when they arrived with us. You can see that they are ex battery chickens though as their beaks are blunt where they burn them down to stop them from hurting each other when they are in such small cages. It makes me very angry. I also get angry when I walk round Tesco and see people with battery eggs, these clearly say "from caged hens", what do people think? That these cages might be a bit bigger or do people just not care enough? Maybe I care too much? The gorgeous one is the same...

They are in a little routine as well now. Yoko is an early to bed girl, she likes to be tucked up by about 8pm in one of the nesting boxes. Mabel and Omelette then stay out and wander about until about 9 or so and then Mabel will turn in next, leaving Omelette without a nesting box to sleep in. She has a tendency to go in and stare at the other two and then snuggle in with one of the other two. The gorgeous one read on a web site somewhere that it's very common for ex-bats to sleep snuggled up together and not to perch on their perches.

Sophie is still not happy about the girls, she seems to try to come back and then spies them and panics. Hopefully she'll learn to ignore them. Bless her she's such a sensitive soul, I need to try to explain to her that we had to rescue the girls like we had to rescue her, perhaps when I explain that they should have a kinship as rescue animals, she'll be less afeared. Ah, yes you've caught me out there, I have to admit that yes, I do talk to my cat, but if you have a cat you'll understand! And if you haven't, go rescue one!

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