Friday, 2 July 2010

3 is the magic number

As I write this morning, Mabel is sitting in her nesting box giving us a nice fresh egg! I know she's laying because she does have a tendency to announce it to the world. She does make some funny noises but then when you think about what she's trying to do, I suppose she's allowed to!

Let me give you the most exciting update of all.... Yesterday, we had 3, yes 3, eggs! Last night the gorgeous one was away for the night so I was the first one home. I went to let the girls out for a bit (to curry favour, you know) and on opening their nesting box I found an egg in each box and one in the perching area! How fabulous! We were a little worried that one of them wasn't laying at all and maybe we'd have to take trip to the vets, so that's a relief for us and our bank balance! I wonder if chickens can be covered by pet insurance?!?

This morning, as the gorgeous one is not here, I was on poo duty. I got up and let them out of their house (but not out of their run) and went back to bed and I don't have to be in the office today. I got up about half an hour later and went to do my "poo duty". I must say that it isn't a great job to do and the quickest way to get the poo out of their beds is not the most pleasant! BUT, I did it and with no complaints - that bit above was an explanation rather than a complaint. So they have two fresh beds, which Mabel left a lovely big egg in and then vacated to be replaced by Omelette (don't worry I removed the egg first), fresh food, water and a run that isn't full of poo - that is until I need to go out later for my meeting! I wonder if we'll get three eggs today and if I can capture each one after their laid so we know whose are whose....

Oh and I just wanted to plug another blogger, who is also a very enjoyable read... - check it out!

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