Monday, 5 July 2010

Cool for cats

Only one egg yesterday - a lovely big Mabel egg. The other two are destined for the pot - only joking, you can't eat layers....

On Saturday both Yoko and Omelette laid very late, so late Omelette wouldn't let Yoko go to bed, so you can see how late it was! I guess this could have something to do with the lack of eggs yesterday as they were all out of kilter.

Speaking of yesterday, the gorgeous one and I decided that as it was such a lovely day we'd have a barbecue and went off to get a lovely bit of steak and some corn on the cob. The gorgeous one barbied, while I ironed and the girls continued to destroy my garden. Whilst we were sitting down to eat said lovely barbecue, we heard a great ruckus in the garden on the decking. The gorgeous one got up to find that Omelette had gotten inside the barbecue cover and was laying down inside it - that is one strange chicken, needless to say she was evicted immediately.

I decided to work from home today as I had lots to do and thought it would be better to stay home and just get on with it. I wasn't going to let the girls out today as I find them a bit of a distraction but I felt mean keeping them in on such a lovely day while I'm here, so I buckled and let them out. I'm so soft.

Omelette was pecking around in the garden this morning and it looked like she was choking so I rushed out to see what was wrong and make sure she was okay. When I got to her, I saw she wasn't choking, she was eating a massive slug. It was quite disgusting, but she seemed to enjoy it - EW!!!! Yoko also made me laugh this afternoon, a magpie landed in the garden and Yoko walked to wards it to investigate what it was while the magpie looked on a little bit confused as to what this was walking towards it. Yoko kept walking and the magpie walked away, in the end it looked like Yoko was stalking it around the garden until it got worried that Yoko was getting a little too close and it flew off, much to Yoko's disappointment!

Sophie is happy to stay in and sleep on the windowsill all day - using the chickens as an excuse not to have to get up and go out. It's a cat's life eh?

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  1. Sounds like an entertaining day; did you get much work done?? ;)