Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Watching you, watching me

I must apologise, dear readers for the delay in getting this update to you, but I have been away and then busy and I've really not had time to write about the girls recently.

So, quick update and I promise the next one will be longer.

The girls are now so used to being out in the garden during the day that they line up at the door as soon as you walk anywhere near their run. If you don't let them out, you get quite a few disgruntled clucks, it's enough to make you feel a bit guilty (if you were that way inclined). If you don't want to let them out but need to get into the run (to change their water or food), you have to block the whole of the entrance with your body to prevent them from escaping and sometimes that doesn't work and they slip out through the smallest of spaces! They're getting canny, those girls of ours.

The girl child is convinced that they watch her when she eats her breakfast and thinks this is extremely funny, although both the boy child and the girl child felt really bad when we were eating chicken for our dinner on Saturday in the garden while the girls pecked around our feet, eating peas that had been dropped!

When they're not trying to get out, they're trying to get in! The gorgeous one was in the front room helping the girl child with her homework on Sunday when I walked into the kitchen to find Omelette also in the kitchen at the cat's dinner bowl, helping herself to Sophie's food as "someone" had left the back door open. Of course, that's an invitation to Omelette!

The girls continue to look healthier as each days passes, Omelette's comb is a darker shade of red now and is standing up more, Yoko has loads of new feathers down her front and we're going to have to watch Mabel with the rate she's growing new feathers to make sure she doesn't try and fly!

The gorgeous one has a new name for the girls, which is all around what they do all day but is not suitable to be written here, so if you really want to know, mail me and I'll tell you....

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