Thursday, 15 July 2010

The weight of the wind

Omelette (the stupid) likes to try to squeeze herself between the brown garden waste bin and the house. The thing is she's a little too big to get all the way round it and so she goes halfway and realises she'll have to turn around again but can't because she's too big, so she always makes such a racket when she's trying to turn around again! Noisy, stupid chicken. It is quite funny watching her after she's done this actually as she always walks along the edge of the decking and 9 times out of 10 her right leg will slip down the gap between the decking and the fence. It looks like she's been drinking (you know when you slip off the kerb), perhaps she has? You'd think she'd learn after doing it once but I've seen her do it tons of times - oh well, it is Omelette we're talking about here. Today, she has also continued her obsession with the barbecue cover, but as it's on the barbecue right now, she was happy to get underneath it and sit herself on the shelf of the barbecue trolley.

Egg production is somewhat sporadic with a very strange egg arriving last week. The shell was very thin and looked like it was rumpled and had creases in it. The gorgeous one ate it and said it was very nice (as they all are), but I'm sure I read somewhere that it's a sign of the bird getting older (yes, all I read are chicken books) although we've not had one like it since - very odd. oh well, odd eggs from odd chickens....

I was going to be very hard hearted today and not let them out to distract me but I always crumble and feel sorry for them - they always give me such forlorn looks! So I told them they could come out as long as they'd laid some eggs for me and when I looked, there were two, so I couldn't really not let them out. It was very windy today but the girls didn't seem bothered and even seemed to stretch their necks out and stand taller in the breeze, letting the wind ruffle their feathers, I guess they've never felt the wind in their hair....

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